It Came From the Indies – Ginosaji

It Came From the Indies – Ginosaji

ginosajiRichard Gale struck viral gold online with his short film THE HORRIBLY SLOW MURDER WITH THE EXTREMELY INEFFICIENT WEAPON where a man s cursed to be attacked by a mysterious ghostly entity which will assault him over and over again with a spoon. With nearly 30 million hits on Youtube it made sense to expand the idea. Six years, some other short films, and a fully fleshed out story and script Richard Gales is now taking to Kickstarter to fund his hugely ambitious feature-length GINOSAJI. More than just a rehashed version of the same joke, GINOSAJI explores the mystery of the curse and the origins of the titular spoon-wielding spectre. Richard talks to Martin about the challenges of expanding the story, what he has gained and learned during the six years since the original short, and the bounty of wonderful Kickstarter rewards just waiting for you to check out!

If you haven’t seen the original short you can watch it after the break and you will also find there the Kickstarter pitch video which contains fantastic new test footage for the new project.

GINOSAJI on Kickstarter
GINOSAJI dot com!

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