The Alternative to the Alternative: Building a New Nerdy Little Secret

The Alternative to the Alternative: Building a New Nerdy Little Secret

Nerdy Little Secret is going to be reinvented as a website dedicated to independent genre cinema and entertainment! Horror, sci-fi, fantasy and everything in between being brought to fans BY fans. This video will explain:

If you checked out the video posted above you’ll know that I have been particularly inspired over the last couple of years by independent genre entertainment. As a fan I have been able to interview some of these determined, passionate people who make this movies. Driven by their love of cinema and genre film they take small budgets and create amazing movies through hard work and imagination. They also face some unique challenges when it comes to securing financing, getting coverage, and of course the effects of piracy.

I want the new Nerdy Little Secret to become a place where these independent genre projects are front and center, not having to compete with with the big budget genre flicks or “arthouse” independent films on your regular genre or indie websites. I want Nerdy Little Secret to truly be “The Alternative to the Alternative”, a place that the creators of indie genre entertainment and their fans can feel truly welcome. I also want it to be a place that celebrates not just the present and future of genre film but past too; the Raimis, Carpenters and Del Toros that inspire many to pursue their dreams.

I am but one man however so I need some help from YOU and hopefully if you watched the video and read this far then you are interested in what I want to do. I am looking to bring on some people as staff. Unfortunately these are not paid positions and at this time I don’t expect that to change, I won’t make some vague promise otherwise because that would be dishonest. Having said that, if you have some time on your hands and you like what this website is going to be about I would love to hear from you. Here is my wishlist as far as content goes to give you an idea of the kind of help I’m looking for:

– I want at least three substantial posts on the website during the week. We’re not going to be just a news or review blog, we’re talking features here of decent length covering something relevant to the site.
– A post on Friday that asks for feedback from the readers over the weekend which will be followed-up on the Monday after
– An engaging social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. I do not intend to have comments on the new NLS as I feel they are easily forgotten and are too prone to spam, I would prefer the community be built through social media instead
– I will be starting a new podcast and a co-host or two would be nice. If you happen to be in Philadelphia and can make it to my place in the North East that would be amazing but definitely not a requirement, I have good internet and good equipment so Skype will be fine.
– Know some CSS? I could definitely use someone who can do a bit of code for the website to make the site look how I want. I used to be able to do HTML okay but CSS leaves me utterly baffled.

As mentioned above this is all voluntary, you’re doing it for the love of the subject matter and in classic Huffington Post fashion yes, you will get “exposure” whatever the hell that really means.

Still interested? Then please send an email to: staff at nerdy little secret dot com
Please tell me a little about yourself, what genre films you really like, and any samples you may have. I will not necessarily be able to respond to everybody so sorry in advance if you don’t here back.

I hope I have caught your interest in one way or another! I have certain ideas that I want to roll out and in the next week I will be telling you what a couple of those are. The Indie Exchange and The Fishing Boat Initiative are two very important aspects of the website and I look forward to sharing more about those two particular ideas very soon.

Sound good? staff at nerdy little secret dot com is just dying to hear from you!

– Martin L.