The Super Jawncast Episode 3 – S**t Air

The Super Jawncast Episode 3 – S**t Air

Despite popular demand the guys are back with a new Super Jawncast! Topics include Bill’s first experience with Dungeons & Dragons and why you should just shut up and give it a try, we look at X-men: the First Class and The Hangover Part Two and Tom goes off on an odd tangent about his bathroom hangups. Other random crap too! Check it out!

Vital links!
Download SwipePad for your Android and love the ridiculous convenience it affords you
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World! If you haven’t seen this movie I’m not sure how you ended up on this website.
Web Soup, the only thing on G4 worth watching.

All feedback, positive, negative or indifferent is all appreciated so direct it towards jawncast @ nerdylittlesecret dot com

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