The Super Jawncast Episode 5 – Thor Has An Uzi

The Super Jawncast Episode 5 – Thor Has An Uzi

The Super Jawncast returns with the guys andtheir first ever guest Jen! Topics include a nerd’s look at the Anthony Weiner scandal from a purely technological perspective, the jawdroppingly bad movie The Almighty Thor and how much they dislike the entertainment industry’s continued fondness for remakes and sequels. All the genitalia references, Nicholas Cage impressions and correct pronunciations of the word “helicopter” you can handle in 70 minutes of audio goodness. Enjoy!
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Linky linky!
*Netflix has The Almighty Thor to Watch Instantly, you too will believe Thor is an incompetent whining little bitch.
*If you haven’t seen Galaxy Quest then you can start here
*The hilarious Childrens’ Hospital on Adult Swim
*Party Down on Netflix Watch Instantly. Also hilarious
*Lev Grossman’s The Magicians

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