The Super Jawncast Episode 6 – Smooth Chocolate Man

The Super Jawncast Episode 6 – Smooth Chocolate Man

Another Super Jawncast is upon us! The guys get techie this week as Bill leads a discussion talking about RIM and the failing Blackberry, where does it fit into the modern smartphone market or are they on the way out? Tom lavishes the Rebuild of Evangelion with some nerdy attention, and Martin gets very upset about Resident Evil: Afterlife and its director Paul W.S. Anderson. More great stuff! Rate us on iTunes, follow us on Twitter and be our friend on Facebook! Aw, go on.

Mobile Crunch – RIM, You’re Done Here
Colossus Beer. Drink It. Chuck Norris references.
Open Range is five bucks at Target.
Bionic Commando is a great game, forget the haters

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