The Super Jawncast Episode 10 – Pay It Forward

The Super Jawncast Episode 10 – Pay It Forward

Episode 10 is here and the guys were recording in the middle of the heatwave and as a result were extremely grumpy. The guys talk about baseball milestones and the ridiculous bias towards a certain New York Yankees player then go on to speak about the new characters announced for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. More randomness follows with commentary on some new trailers which leads into a lot of fun movie talk with perhaps dozens of awesome films you should watch. A small warning this one would be considered crude even by our low standards, we blame the heat. Hang out with us, take your mind off summer sucking and enjoy the chatter! Please also rate us on iTunes, follow us on Twitter and tell us you like us on Facebook! Thank you for listening.
Here are the trailers we watched:
Paranormal Activity 3
Dream House
The Amazing Spider hyphen Man

Home Movies on Netflix! WATCH!!!
Trillian on the Android Market
Passive Aggressive Notes

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