Nerdy Etsy Finds – Plush Edition

Nerdy Etsy Finds – Plush Edition

I am a big fan of Etsy, the online mecca for all things handmade. I am also a big fan of a site called Regretsy, a humor site which showcases some of the craziest crap Etsy (and other places online) have to offer. As an amateur craftard myself, I love looking through pages of stuff that other people have made, and shopping for things to feed my aforementioned crafting addiction.

So, because of all this, I have decided to start showcasing some of my own finds on Etsy, with a nerdy twist. There will be no mockery here, just straight up nerdy goodness, and hopefully some free (good) publicity for the creators of these amazingly nerdy items.

This post will feature nerdy things of plushy nature. And who better to start us off than the King of All Cosmos?

King of All Cosmos

This little plush piece of amazingness was created by Etsian Penguinotic. She also has plush Portal GlaDos Cores and a  fleece Final Fantasy Cactuar beanie. If that doesn’t just scream nerdy awesomeness, I don’t know what does.

Pulsewidth’s “little felt instruments” are nothing short of amazing. The detail on these is astounding. She also takes custom orders, if you have a favorite amp/pedal/synth you’d like recreated in plush felt form.

And finally, we have mymimi, an Etsy store so disgustingly kawaii, it will have you vomiting rainbows. These pillows/plushes are beautifully designed and ridiculously cute.

I hope you have enjoyed this first nerdy showcase. I will be posting more nerdy crafty goodness in the future.


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