NTSF:SD:SUV (National Terrorism Strike Force Sand Diego Sport Utility Vehicle)

If you enjoy cop dramas, you’ll probably like this show.  Originally aired as a set of mock promotional television advertisements during another one of adult swim’s live action series,  Children’s hospital, the show was picked up for 12 episodes, bypassing the typical pilot stage of development.   The show stars some recognizable comedy actors like Rob Riggle and Paul Scheer.  Kate Mulgrew also stars in the series as the eye-patch wearing chief.

I’m only two episodes in, and I can already tell it’s probably going to be ordered for a second season.  The show is funny, relying on common themes from the typical “cop drama”  genre, but also employing its own original jokes so that it’s not just a parody free for all shit pile like the “not another____movie” movies.  What I mean is, the show doesn’t just recreate scenes from the shows it’s mocking shot for shot and add a poop joke.  So far, this show does what all successful parodies have done; Start with a basic, generally over done and serious theme, and inject it with humorous dialog. The whole thing is then peppered with a slew of exaggerations for an extra ridiculous factor.   So basically, with the right team of writers and a talented cast, the outcome is generally both watchable and memorable.  Unlike any of those “not another” movies.

The premise of the first episode is a four loko type drink that’s killing people by both keeping them drunk  24/7 and rendering them highly flammable.  The NTSF team is given the task to get to the bottom of the whole thing, and figure out how to get the drink banned. There’s sort of a surprise ending that I won’t spoil here, but I can tell you that the whole thing is definitely worth trying out.  You can catch it on Adult Swim at 12:15am and 3:45am on Fridays (Hey, isn’t that why you have DVR?)  or 9:45pm on Sunday and 5:15 am on Monday.  For now.  Check adultswim.com for listing information, as adult swim tends to change programming and schedules on the fly.

Follow this link to the official adult swim trailer

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