The Super Jawncast Episode 11 – Pace Off

The Super Jawncast Episode 11 – Pace Off

Episode 11 of The Super Jawncast is here! The Jawnstronauts return with a bevy of subjects ranging from Spotify to fantasy football, Oreo commercials to the 3DS remake. A cracking good time so check us out here, on iTunes (please rate and review!), Facebook and we’re also on Twitter.

Nerdy Little Secrets!
Tom advises that you to get your caffeinated beverages via a Keurig Coffee Maker
Martin insists you purchase Vanquish for your home video game entertainment system of choice
Bill suggests you check out the great variety of Japanese musical acts found on J-Melo
BONUS! Adorable J-pop girl group dance and sing while a slightly overweight man in a weird costume yells at you in Japanese.

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