The Super Jawncast Episode 12 – A Man-Sized Human

The Super Jawncast Episode 12 – A Man-Sized Human

Episode 12 is here and no jawn is safe from its grasp! The guys talk about another stupid person who shouldn’t be allowed on Twitter and discuss the biggest fighting game tournament in North America – EVO 2011. They then take you down memory lane with their tales, the trials and tribulations of three video game consoles that didn’t quite make it. Maybe you remember the Sega Dreamcast, but what about the Neogeo Pocket Color or the mythical device known as the Touchwave Zodiac? Come and be enlightened! We are on iTunes where we hope you will rate and review us, Facebook and we’re also on Twitter.

Nerdy Little Secrets:
Martin asks you to question your identity Phillip K. Dick style with the movie Cypher
Grieves on MySpace, listen to his stuff
Butchering the Beatles in various forms on Amazon and its also on Spotify! But watch out, they screwed up who did what track on the listings.

Hey look IGN DOES have the finals for Evo 2011, you should go watch those pronto.

And here’s Daigo parrying Justin Wong’s sad fat face

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