Tom’s Alternative Technology Cookbook

Tom’s Alternative Technology Cookbook


1 whole smart phone (preferably 3G or 4G capable)

5-8 feet of auxiliary cable

A length of car charger

A pinch Amazon cloud access

As many mp3s as you can fit on your hard drive

Cooking Instructions:

First log onto Amazon and get your free access to the Amazon cloud (there is typically a link on the front page, if not a quick search will get you there). At first you will only get five gigs of storage free. Purchase one album for $9.99 to gain access to twenty gigs. Then transfer your music to the cloud (there are easy to follow instructions once you have the access). Turn on the smart phone and download the free Amazon mp3 app, then log onto your cloud through the app. Plug one end of your auxiliary cable into your car and the other into your smart phone. Select your song, press play and enjoy. Use the car charger to prolong the phone’s battery life.


If you own a smart phone and don’t own an ipod, have a broken ipod, hate apple, can’t afford, or don’t want to deal with another device, this is a great way to bring your music with you. I imagine that most people reading this blog have access or know how to gain access to the items listed above. If you already have them, this method will only cost $9.99 for 20 gigs of portable music storage. The great thing about the cloud is that you can get to your files from any computer or phone with internet access. You can employ the same method by using headphones while you run or bike. I’ve tried this out in my car over the last week with a 4G Nexus S and had no lag or load issues. And with a feed aggregator you can listen to your favorite episodes of The Super Jawncast!

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