Zombie engagement photos

Zombie engagement photos

We're engaged, and we're not even in front of a huge ferris wheel or a white fence! Weird, huh?

Okay.  I agree with Martin when he says that zombies are over played.  But, you know what’s even worse?  Ordinary, boring engagement photos.  Like most things, I didn’t even know that that was a real thing people did until I had a facebook account.

And you know what?  Aside from you and your parents, no body gives a fuck.  Not even your girlfriends.  In fact, most of them are probably more jealous than ooohing and ahhing over your stereotypical huge-rock-on-my-finger picture.  I ignore these things, like I ignore most things on facebook, but I think that if more engagement photos were like these, I’d be more likely to pay attention.

Did you click the link?  You should.  The photos feature the couple in what appears to be the average series of engagement photos.  And then, a zombie appears!  They kill him with a shovel, and then go back to being lovely-dovey and shipping champagne.

I’m not saying everyone should do it.  But if a couple has that sort of humor and creativity about their engagement photos, imagine how much fun their wedding might be?  I hate how stuffy and boring wedding ceremonies are.  I’ll typically skip that whole thing and show up at the reception.  Does that make me a terrible person?  Who knows.  My point is that I wish more people were less boring, and took engagement pictures in which they battled sea monsters at the beach, or werewolves in Paris, or zombies in a field.  Until then, I’ll be ignoring your photos and falling asleep at your wedding.

Don’t be offended; I’d expect the same treatment from you.

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