Hellraiser Revelations and its horrible, horrible trailer

Hellraiser Revelations and its horrible, horrible trailer

There was once a film label called Dimension films. They released the occasional well-received genre film like Scream and Equilibrium. However, they were also known for releasing terrible straight-to-video dross like The Crow: Wicked Prayer and Children of the Corn 3 (and 4, 5, 6 and 7). They also disgraced an 80’s horror classic, Hellraiser, with several diabolically bad sequels like Hellraiser: Bloodlines and Hellraiser: Hellworld. Well, they hadn’t taken a giant dump on Clive Barker’s original masterpiece for a few years and due to their agreement to maintain the rights to Hellraiser, if they did not make use of the series by the end of 2011 they were going to lose the property and have try and rebuy it next year. Being that other companies like Platinum Dunes have made mad cash rifling through and ruining other horror classics of the 70’s and 80’s, Dimension had to take advantage by remaking Hellraiser. What a dilemma though, they waited too long before putting the remake into production after it stalled several times. What to do?

That’s where we are now folks, Dimension are putting out an horrifically low budget garbage Hellraiser sequel , shot seemingly with a camcorder from 1988, and featuring actors that would get turned down at an Asylum Films audition. Even better, Doug Bradley; the man who has been the only constant in the series as the iconic Pinhead did not return for this movie. In his place is…. some guy as Pinhead (I would have cast the guy who played Hellinger). Below is the trailer, be warned that if you have any fondness for Pinhead and any of his movies, this will be tough viewing.

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