The Super Jawncast 18 – Tha Laaaawwww

The Super Jawncast 18 – Tha Laaaawwww

The Super Jawncast returns for episode 18, wherein the guys are shockingly well-behaved, at least in comparison to normal. They speak on the current face and future of handheld game including the announcement that Game stop is releasing its own tablet and the unwise release of a second thumb pad attachment for the 3DS. Tom rails against topless “artist” Phoenix Feeley and the social implications of her recent lawsuit against New Jersey, and reflects on some bad consumer experiences in the last week. Finally, Martin lavishes praise upon the hyper-stylized and unflinchingly violent indie movie Drive starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Nicolas Winding Rifn. A great show as per usual so check it out! Please give us a hand and rate us on iTunes, we like you very much and you mustn’t take to heart those mean things we say about you on the podcast. We were KIDDING.

Nerdy Little Secrets
Radiant Silvergun on Xbox Live
Odin Sphere for PS2
Drive on Amazon VOD

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