The Super Jawncast 19 – Cage Match!

The Super Jawncast 19 – Cage Match!

This week, an episode dedicated almost exclusively to a lively debate about the career of Nicolas Cage. The guys are joined by Jen, the official Nicolas Cage fan of Nerdy Little Secret, to discuss the highs, lows, and lower lows of his career. The erratic nature of his performances, his unbridled on-screen insanity, The Wicker Man, Next, Ghost Rider, and then stuff he’s in that’s actually good. The crew desire to help Mr. Cage not just belittle him because lets face it, everybody likes at least one movie he’s starred in. A great listen with some very minor technical issues (sorry about that) well worth checking out! Please rate us on iTunes and all that good stuff.

No regular show next week because Martin is out of state and unable to record. However, keep an eye out for the Super Jawncast Offcuts Volume 1., a compilation of clips that didn’t make it into the podcast are (hopefully) really funny. Stay tuned!

Nerdy Little Secrets
Robo Defense for Android
The demo for Sid Meier’s Pirates for the Xbox….. yeah go on eBay or something
Clover Market

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