Bathroom Graffiti Round-up at the POPE

Bathroom Graffiti Round-up at the POPE



Anybody that knows me well  knows that my favorite place to drink is the P.O.P.E (or Pub On Passyunk East).  If you’ve ever been there, you can probably figure out why. 

The POPE is located in the fully gentrified section of South Philadelphia known as Passyunk Square (right next to the Italian market).   The neighborhood is home to some fairly artsy types, the sort of tattoo covered hipsters and art students that can afford to pay an exorbitant amount of rent each month for the opportunity to live in a hip urban area. 

In fact, the part of Passyunk avenue where the POPE is located has experienced lots of recent growth and development in the form of independently owned restaurants, salons, and boutiques.  It’s actually quite nice to visit during the day, if you’re ever in that area (and if you love vintage, be sure to check out 1600 below vintage across the street.) 

Aside from the location, the POPE offers a broad selection of craft beers, and regularly takes part in local craft beer events.  You won’t find the typical standards on tap here, as the draft selection changes regularly, and generally offers seasonal brews.   The food is fantastic as well, and while the selection is small, nearly everything on the menu is delicious.  They even offer some pretty solid vegetarian selections.  If you eat there, try the crab fries.  They’re awesome. 

Now, onto the fun stuff.  The reason you came here.  Part of the POPE’s charm is the bathrooms.  That sounds ridiculous, but I’m not kidding.  The walls of the ladies’ room are decoupaged with pictures of 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s heart throbs and love letters.  The white spaces in between those pictures (what little there is to be had) are ripe for some of the choicest bathroom graffiti.  I hear the men’s room isn’t as awesome, but still has some words of wisdom for the bathroom reader. 

I found this on the door, which doesn’t have pictures of Emilio Estavez and David Bowie shellacked to it, but you can’t have everything.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures, because frankly, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  But this particular jewel begs to be shared. 

AND fun.


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