Philly Bathroom Graffiti Round-up

Philly Bathroom Graffiti Round-up


This week’s bathroom round-up is pretty special.  And by pretty special, I mean, pretty goddamn hipster.

These were taken at El Camino Real, a really great mexican restaurant in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia (the heart of Philadelphia hipsterdom.)  The food is tasty, the service is good (and very attractive) and the Mexican Red Sangria is wonderful.  The ambiance is perfect for a tex-mex/bbq joint in the middle of a hip and artsy urban area.  The walls are covered in hand painted murals, the lights are always low, and the music is quirky. 

And as usual, people are encouraged to tag up the bathroom walls. 

Sure. Whatever you say.
Oh, in case you were wondering who Harvey Schnitzel is, which I’m not sure how youwouldn’t be curious of such a ridiculous thing, here you are.  Turns out it’sa viral video project.  Which, if you’re going to write somethingon the bathroom wall, this is probably the best idea.
When I die, the last thing I'll give a damn about is Facebook. Hopefully.
This is probably one of my favorites.  It’s as if some emo hipster douchebag thought she was being deep. 
Well, that’s all I’ve got for you now.  I’ve got a pretty crappy week ahead of me, so I’m sure to visit a dive or two.  Make sure you check back next week!                                                                                                                             
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