Philly bathroom graffiti round-up

Philly bathroom graffiti round-up

It’s Saturday.  Like most people, I like to use Saturday morning to reflect on what happened the night before.  This is not unlike Sunday morning, except on Sunday morning, I tend to be a bit more hungover.

I relocated back to good ol’ Philly a few months ago, and was reunited with a fascination of mine: Bathroom Graffiti.  As I’m sure anyone reading this is well aware, people write shit on bathroom walls (not the word “Shit,” but that would make sense).  I’m not sure why so many people are peeing with pens and markers, but then, I’m not sure why so many people listen to Lady Gaga.

The awesome thing about bathroom graffiti is that it’s diverse.  Some people write funny shit, or insightful shit, or sad shit, or crazy shit.  There’s something to be said about immortalizing yourself in the form of a few words scribbled drunkenly in the bathroom stall of your local bar.  It might not be something great, but it’s worth noting at the very least. What makes it even more fun for me to read is that I live in the land of hipsters, so the scribblings are so fucking ridiculous sometimes that I pee myself laughing (which is fair, because I’m usually already peeing.)

Okay, okay, that’s enough of my potty mouth.  Here are some of my favorite scribblings from a recent night in the toilet. These were taken at Buffalo Billiards, which is a pretty awesome sports bar in old city Philadelphia.  The food is okay, but they have good drink specials, an okay selection (there are some craft beers and your typical bar standbys), and lots of stuff to do.  There are also plenty of huge TV’s you can watch “The game” on, whatever that game may be.  Go local sports team!

The crowd here is pretty mixed because of the area, and type of bar.  You’ve got your meat heads, your college kids, your old folks, and your hipsters, all enjoying a drink and a good time together.  It’s a pretty good place to go if you haven’t been.

*submitted by Emily F.



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