Sailor Moon manga re-release!

Sailor Moon manga re-release!

If you’re up on your anime news at all, and I’m not, you’ve probably known about this for months.
If not, here’s a little background for you: The English translation of the sailor moon manga has been out of print for nearly a decade. Attempting to acquire the entire series in that time would have been difficult and expensive. I speak from personal experience. Having sold my original set to help pay some college expenses, I was very excited to hear that I’d have the opportunity to buy them again. And if you’re a fan, you should be to. Especially because the same company, Kodansha Comics USA, is also re-leasing the prequel to Sailor Moon, Codename:Sailor V.

The first issues of both manga are available for sale now through Random House. The next issues are due out Nov 15th. Buy them now before they are only available on ebay for $80 a pop.

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