The Super Jawncast 22 – Beginning at Non

The Super Jawncast 22 – Beginning at Non

It IS episode 22 and Tom is back in the Super Jawncast Recording Suite to tell of his adventures in the far-flung lands of Long Island. The guys talk about their first impressions from playing Batman Arkham Asylum, its really freaking awesome! Bill came across Scott Weiland’s Christmas Album and now you too will be subjected to it. Martin saw Paranormal Activity 3 and wants to tell you all about it, and there’s a bunch of random stuff thrown in there as usual. A fun show!

We want to hear from YOU for our Halloween episode next week, what are your favorite scary movies? Got any ghost stories or experiences? What do you enjoy most about Halloween? Let us know! You can like us on Facebook and leave them a message there, tweet us @SuperJawncast, send an email to jawncast at nerdylittlesecret dot com, or leave a comment below. You can also call The Super Jawnline on 215 469 1912 and leave an awesome voicemail to be played on the show.

Nerdy Little Secrets
Halloween III – Season Of The Witch
How To Train Your Dragon
Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time

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