The Super Jawncast Episode 21 – Jesus WIN

The Super Jawncast Episode 21 – Jesus WIN

The Thing (the real one)

The Super Jawncast returns minus Tom, who was otherwise engaged and could not record. In his place is Sharon, Martin’s significant other, and she joins the guys to talk about The Thing and the filmography of John Carpenter and a number of other subjects including Jesusween, the life and death of Qwickster, Batman Arkham City and more!

The Super Jawncast wants to know what YOUR favorite horror movies are for their upcoming Halloween episode and you have about a million ways to let us know. You can email us at jawncast at, you can post on the Super Jawncast Facebook page, you can send us a tweet, you can comment below or leave a message on The Super Jawnline at 215 469 1912! You have absolutely no excuse. If you could rate us on iTunes that would be just wonderful too!

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