Bathroom Graffiti Round-up: The Lost Bar

Bathroom Graffiti Round-up: The Lost Bar



I’m not going to be flowery, or tell a great big story about this place.  Simply put: It’s a hipster mecca, nestled in a terrible neighborhood.  Luckily for the patrons inside, they blast Arcade Fire loud enough to drown out the distant screams, gunshots, and sirens; all sounds of a city gone wrong. 

This bar has everything.  A pool table, so you can ironically pretend you’re almost like someone who likes to play pool; a selection of local craft beers on tap, so you can remind everyone how much better you than people who drink coors light; board games, so you can turn a night at the bar into family game night.  It’s even decorated with quirky local art, and christmas tree lights. As you may or may not know, only cool people decorate with strings of colorful lights.  I imagine that these types love it here. 

Oh, if you’d like to check it out, find more info here.  On yelp.  Because having a website for your business is so mainstream. 

If you think this is your scene, then go.  It’s not bad.  Just remember to wear your kevlar. 

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