Bathroom Grafitti Round-up: South Philly-TLA & The Dive Bar

Bathroom Grafitti Round-up: South Philly-TLA & The Dive Bar


 Okay, so the TLA isn’t really a bar, it’s a venue for live shows on South Street.  It’s not technically in South Philadelphia either, because South Street is really just the south side of center city Philadelphia.  As such, it’s frequented by all sorts of people, for all different reasons.   And, while it’s not the greatest place to get drunk (at $8 for a can of PBR, not many can afford to get drunk there); it’s still a nice venue.  It’s smallish and standing room only, so you can get pretty close to the performer. 

 Check out the calendar to see if someone you like will be here soon. 

The Dive Bar really isn’t a dive at all, but a hipster bar located in the Italian Market section of South Philly.  It’s cramped, cheap, and smoky, and the walls are plastered with drawings, posters, and flyers.  The Staff is cool in that covered in tattoos and inattentive sort of way, but maybe that’s just part of the charm.

They are too cool for a website too, but check them out on Yelp.  They get mixed reviews, but one step inside and you’ll learn why pretty quickly. 

 I’m not going to tell you which pictures are from which place.  You’ll just have to guess. 






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