The Super Jawncast 28 – Sam Worthingtron

The Super Jawncast 28 – Sam Worthingtron

Its episode 28 and the guys are back with more anger, analysis and…. algorithms? They kick things off with a small tribute to the sad passing of Patrice O’Neal, a talented comedian who left us far too soon. Jawncast normality resumes shortly thereafter with the throwing of some shade and spouses who like to change the channel half way through movies, even more shade is thrown at the impending and utterly dreadful-looking Akira remake. More topics abound like stupid bullshit “studies” about violent video games, stupid bullshit PS3 install times and stupid bullshit Entertainment Weekly lists. There’s a South Park RPG coming? Cyborg abortions? A bunch more stuff! Come check us out on Facebook too!

Nerdy Little Secrets
God Hand is on PSN and you should buy it.
Motorola Triumph on Virgin Mobile.
Edmund Scientifics

Trailers for the movies the guys are talking about next week after the break! Watch along at home!

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