The Super Jawncast 32 – 2011 in Review With Booze

The Super Jawncast 32 – 2011 in Review With Booze

We hope you like train wrecks! The guys return with their review of 2011 and decide to lubricate the proceedings with a great deal of alcohol. They talk about their favorite movies, video games and other stuff they enjoyed from the year 2011, and rant and rave about some of the stuff they hated. This show is really long, mostly due to Tom’s constant interruptions and the general drunken shenanigans and may not be for everyone. In fact if you have never listened to The Super Jawncast before, you should avoid this until you’ve listened to a couple of other episodes unless you particularly enjoy hearing drunk assholes yelling about Bradley Cooper. Gets a bit soppy at the end too. Thank you for listening and rest assured that as this episode so wonderfully illustrates, The Super Jawncast and Nerdy Little Secret can only get better in 2012 and we hope you’re on board for the ride!

Favorite Nerdy Little Secrets of 2011
The Magicians and The Magician King by Lev Grossman
Halloween III – Season Of The Witch

Oh, and let me show you my cars

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