The Super Jawncast 34 – I’m Riddick!

The Super Jawncast 34 – I’m Riddick!

It’s the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday so you know what that means, a new Super Jawncast! A stupid weathermen loses his job because he’s a douche, Dungeons & Dragons is getting a new edition, Foxconn workers threaten suicide and FEMA sucks. Martin also stamps angrily all over The Devil Inside and spoils it in the process, but don’t worry as you really should avoid it and just listen to this instead. Other wacky and random things also occur! The Nerdy Little Voicemail awaits your messages at (215) 469-1912! Check out Drive on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Nerdy Little Secrets
30 Rock
Out of Silent Planet by King’s X
Epic Rap Battles Of History

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