The Super Jawncast 36 – Cold Unfeeling Pillow Man

The Super Jawncast 36 – Cold Unfeeling Pillow Man

A little late but worth the wait, the guys bring the weirdness in this episode. Lurking behind seemingly normal subjects like Resident Evil 6 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Awakening, Gotham City Imposters and Red Tails is some really weird stuff. Luckily it’s really funny, so you’ll be a little creeped out but you’ll be laughing the whole time. Weirdness includes the Boyfriend/Husband Pillow (don’t leave her alone this Valentines Day!) and an attachment for your iPad so that you can make sweet, sweet love to it. ENJOY! Have any weird sexual hang-ups or peccadilloes you’d like to talk about? Well keep those to yourself and leave a nice, family friendly message telling us we’re awesome on the Nerdy Little Voicemail at 215-469-1912.

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