The Super Jawncast 38 – Egyptian Relics

The Super Jawncast 38 – Egyptian Relics

Feeling alone on Valentines Day? Well let the smooth tones of the Super Jawncast fill that hole in your heart with their sweet nothings. The guys watched all three of the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions and present a little retrospective of this fine cinematic trilogy. Some more movie trailers get discussed (check them out after the break!) as well as the sad state of Kotaku and the Gawker blogs (they’re a bunch of fucking assholes), how creepy Japanese game developers deal with grief with shit movies, and Double Fine and their absurdly successful Kickstarter project. Enjoy an utterly bizarre story of the lengths Tom will go to to play some Sega Saturn games. Then get a thrilling preview for the next episode, here’s a hint, it involves an eccentric actor and thousands of years old Egyptian artifacts. Find us on your social media platform of choice and tell us how we cured your broken heart on the Nerdy Little Voicemail at 215-469-1912.

Death Machine
Uptown Saturday Night
Run Lola Run

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