The Super Jawncast 40 – Wesley Crusher’s Sweaters

The Super Jawncast 40 – Wesley Crusher’s Sweaters

It’s episode 40 and the starship Super Jawncast continues its journey into the world of obnoxious nerds talking about stuff. On the docket this week is Ryan Braun and the MLB’s incredible leniency, and then they speak of the FUTURE OF SPORTS – Ultimate Tazer Ball! You will believe men running around with oversized soccer balls while being tazed can be considered a sport! More good stuff in the form of some talk of Penny Arcade and their new PA Report website, online protests and campaigns both successful and unsuccessful and Star Trek: the Next Generation in HD. Also, listen to Martin get more upset with Tom than maybe ever before! No episode next week because the guys need a break from each other before one of them ends up dead, but there will be an Offcuts show to keep you busy.

Nerdy Little Secrets
Just Cause 2
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How to Be Black by Baratunde Thurston

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