The Super Jawncast 41 – Tithead McGee

The Super Jawncast 41 – Tithead McGee

It’s episode 41! The guys are back after a week off and ready and raring to go with a multitude of topics. Tom gives his views on SSX, which is followed by a shockingly informative discussion about social networks. The bad PR revolving around Street Fighter x Tekken gets a little analysis, and who the hell ever thought Topher Grace could make the Star Wars prequels watchable? Sports talk near the end too with the whole Peyton Manning free agency situation! Martin would also like to apologize now for comparing the ICP to Laurel and Hardy. He’s very, very sorry. Find us on Facebook, @SuperJawncast on Twitter, and why don’t you ask us a question or leave us some sort of wacky message on the Nerdy Little Voicemail? The number is 215-469-1912 call right now dammit!

Nerdy Little Secrets
Dungeon Siege III
Serious Eats dot com
The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman

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