The Super Jawncast 42 – The Chain Master

The Super Jawncast 42 – The Chain Master

It’s episode 42 and the Super Jawnfriends are back with another opus. Millions. That’s how many pushups monsters can do. The guys watched The Warrior Show on Youtube. The Warrior AKA Jim Hellwig AKA The Ultimate Warrior takes a stab at reality show fame with his motivational mix of random workouts and insane screaming and yeah, it’s pretty damn great. Also on the agenda is jerks complaining about the ending to Mass Effect 3, jerks making homeless people into wifi hotspots, WWE Films is remaking Leprechaum and MORE! Find us on Facebook, @SuperJawncast on Twitter, and why don’t you ask us a question or express your undying love for the Super Jawncast on the Nerdy Little Voicemail? The number is 215-469-1912.

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