The Super Jawncast 43 – The Wizard

The Super Jawncast 43 – The Wizard

Howdy folks! It’s nearly April already? Let that sink in that you’ve already wasted three months of 2012 and listen to The Super Jawncast Epsiode 43! There’s a little bit something for everybody like sports with the fallout of the Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow moves and talk of fantasy baseball. There’s movie talk as Tom saw The Hunger Games and the guys watched a bunch of trailers (they’re embedded after the jump), Zone of the Enders and mechs get some talk and there’s even a segment of that old internet institution – AOL Instant Messenger. A whole host of random shit too and jokes about Martin being English because those never get old. A fun show so check it out!

Nerdy Little Secrets
Ceramic Destroyer for Android
Moneyball – Michael Lewis
Rochard on Steam.

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