The Super Jawncast Offcuts Volume 2

The Super Jawncast Offcuts Volume 2

Delicious Offcuts

The Super Jawncast crew took a much needed break this week but worry not dear Jawnstronauts, you get to enjoy some delicious Jawncast Offcuts! The Offcuts give you the glimpse behind the curtain of the Jawncast you never expected (or wanted) to hear! Hear all kinds of wacky stuff that doesn’t make it to episodes 20 through 37, haphazardly cut together and with the total lack of professionalism you have come to expect from your friends at The Super Jawncast. Definitely NOT for first time listeners (may we recommend a few other episodes?) but those familiar with the Jawncast and the antics contained therein should listen immediately, hilarity will ensue.

The opening to HELLINGER

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