The Super Jawncast 44 – Ghost Douche

The Super Jawncast 44 – Ghost Douche

Episode 44 is upon us with some hot dubstep beats, fire up your 56k modems! Bill thought he was too good for the podcast this week and instead chose to be a best man in a wedding, but Martin and Tom are not bitter at all and enlisted Sharon to help them negotiate their agenda. The Hunger Games movie gets tackled in some more detail, including the absurdly moronic racist outrage about the casting of certain characters. Tom and Martin also give their initial impressions of Street Fighter X Tekken, plus ground up bugs in your lattes? A conversation that might make you not want to eat for a while, and do you love Papa Roach? They’re on the bloody soundtrack for the new Avengers movie, though it will sound better than Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures and his upcoming dubstep/EVP album Necrofusion. A fun show as per usual, check it out, spread the word and enjoy!

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