The Super Jawncast 46 – Trolling

The Super Jawncast 46 – Trolling

The Super Jawncast returns with the motto of “troll hard, troll often”. Hockey talk opens the show so you can skip ahead 15 minutes or so, then the guys touch on Caine’s Arcade which will warm the cockles of your heart which will help because they then talk Game of Thrones and winter is coming! The state of the Japanese video game industry is discussed having being catalyzed by an interview with Keiji Inafune and shade is thrown upon stupid video game peripherals. Martin also attempts to review Lockout. Wackiness ensues as per usual and if you’ve never heard an angry Brit yelling at his friends in a high pitched voice before then you’re in for a real treat.

Nerdy Little Secrets
The Dark Meadow
Blur – PS3/PC/360
Delicious beer! Yards Brewing Company’s Saison and the Philadelphia Brewing Company’s Fleur de Lehigh.

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