The Super Jawncast 47 – A Codpiece or a Nike Shoe

The Super Jawncast 47 – A Codpiece or a Nike Shoe

It’s the Super Jawncast, come for the nerdy topics but stay for the rhinoceros stories! Do you like Bob Marley and/or reggae? Well then you should probably watch the new documentary Marley and Tom is going to tell you why. Meanwhile, is Steam devaluing the games they sell with their frequent deals with sharp discounts? The guys take a look at both sides of the discussion. Ikea is releasing a TV? Hmm. Then the main event, the guys talk about the favorite and least favorite video game accessories, which ones were the height of design and which ones were poorly made pieces of crap? There’s even some picks from the best and worst from actual listeners! Want to get in on that? Look at all of those ways you can get in touch with us on the right panel there. You have no excuse! Call, tweet, text, email, just do it already!

Nerdy Little Secrets
Dorco Razors
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes on DS, Steam, Xbox Live and PSN.
Maniac Cop

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