The Super Jawncast 49 – Does He Want His Son Back Too?

The Super Jawncast 49 – Does He Want His Son Back Too?

It’s the Super Jawncast and once she sees our stacks I bet you that she calls. The baddest podcast of them all is back with a bitching 77 minutes of podcast stuff. The guys talk the inconsistencies in sports suspensions and how changes to games like the Enforcer Rule have changed the nature of some games. What follows is a lot of movie talk such as the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises and a discussion of an interesting theory about what Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing in the movie. B-movie talk follows with After Dark Action (when mediocre horror movies are not enough!) and Universal suing The Asylum over American Battleship. The Dragon’s Dogma demo gets mentioned too, it’s pretty good and you get to stab monsters in the butt. Also, the future of rap is discovered. A great show so please rate, share, communicate, and get involved with a #ThrowbackJawn of your own. All the videos mentioned are after the break.

Nerdy Little Secrets
The Knight – Gene Wolfe
OnLive Desktop

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