The Super Jawncast 50 – Turkey Hatching Season

The Super Jawncast 50 – Turkey Hatching Season

The guys are back for Episode 50 of The Super Jawncast and it’s a rollicking good time! Did you enjoy the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie? Then Bill hates you. Bioshock Infinite has been delayed but perhaps in the meantime you can get some friends together and check out Artemis, the closest you can get to simulating the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Also on the docket is HBO’s piracy issues and the guys play a round of Metagame. Finally, the guys launch into a random and spoilerific look at The Avengers so if you have somehow not seen that yet you should rectify that so you can hear the seriously messed up direction that conversation goes in. Please share the show, praise/admonish/troll us across the social networks of your choice, and thank you for listening!

Nerdy Little Secrets
The Innkeepers
Port Royale 2

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