The Super Jawncast 51 – Scented

The Super Jawncast 51 – Scented

It’s the 51st episode and the guys are back with more of the usual sarcasm, trolling and random gross weirdness. You might want to avoid eating if you plan on listening to the conversation about truck stops that opens the episode. After that they talk about Facebook going public, how their #ThrowbackJawns are going and what older games deserved sequels but never got them. Then, Martin struggles through reviews of Battleship and American Warships for your uncomfortable listening pleasure. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Stitcher through the links over there and thanks for listening!

Nerdy Little Secrets
Prong – Carved Into Stone
Don’t buy Brutal Legend? Play Kingdom Under Fire? Something like that.
The Wizard by Gene Wolfe

I tried ta told ya.

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