The Super Jawncast 52 – Break Y’all Of Madden

The Super Jawncast 52 – Break Y’all Of Madden

It’s episode 52 of The Super Jawncast! The guys celebrate a year of whatever the hell this is that they do with a bumper-size episode. A whole bunch of stuff is discussed including sad signs of financial strife in the video game industry such as Gamestop’s desperate new measures and the sudden destruction of Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios. Movie news follows such as SyFy’s awesome June line-up of new movies, the delay of G.I. Joe: Retaliation and James Bond changing his beverage preference to Heiniken?!. Plus there’s going to be a Rufio movie. Yeah Rufio. From Hook. The movie – Hook. With Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. Yes, Dustin Hoffman. Yeah we know, you don’t care either. Taking up the rear is a look at the website service UDiligence and the guys separate a year of podcastery by sharing some stories from their days working in the same video game store where they became friends in the first place! A little longer than usual which just means more EVEN MORE FUN, so check it out. Please share, subscribe, vote and do whatever the links on the right of Nerdy Little Secret will allow you to. Thank you for your listenership and support.

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