Throwback Jawns!

Throwback Jawns!

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, through the haze of memory and time we remember the fun we had with a certain toy, movie or TV show only to revisit it years later and to be utterly horrified at the abysmal taste your younger self had. Everybody had a favorite video game growing up. Whether it was the repetition and pure gameplay of an arcade classic like Pacman, the story-driven grind of a Final Fantasy, or the never ending cascade of hellish creatures of Doom, we all have warm and happy memories of games past.

The Super Jawncast fellows have decided to each revisit one such game from their past and relive those past glories once again. Will they be welcomed back into the arms of a beloved classic or will their rose-tinted glasses be brutally smashed into their faces by reality? Sounds exciting right? Well we want our amazing Jawnstronauts (that’s your official title as a Super Jawncast listener) to be involved too! Yes, we want you to pick a game fondly remembered from your past and play through it again with us. As the guys play their games and give updates through Google+ and Twitter with the #ThrowbackJawns hashtag they encourage you to do the same. Are you up to it? Tell The Super Jawncast what game you’re playing on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook and use the #ThrowbackJawns hashtag to let us know how you’re doing.

The guys #ThrowbackJawns are as follows:

Tom – Chrono Cross – PS1
Bill – Brave Fencer Musashi – PS1
Martin – Shogo: Mobile Armor Division – PC

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