The Super Jawncast 57 – Blood Santa

The Super Jawncast 57 – Blood Santa

Welcome back to the Jawnosphere for episode 57! The guys return with several topics for your consumption. Tom gave SimCity Social a spin because he has friends. The guys also ponder how few friends people who nerd out for Highlander must have in the wake of the news that Ryan Reynolds is going to play Connor McLeod in the remake of a movie that was lousy to begin with. The guys discuss much of the big news coming out of Google I/O 2012 like tablets, Jelly Beans and glowing media streaming orbs from the future! Plus check out Cinematic Titanic on Hulu, it makes Tom irrationally angry.
Let us know what you think the next version of Android is going to be (it has to begin with a “k”) through any of the links over there to all of the wacky social networks we’re on! Or call the Nerdy Little Voicemail or leave a text message! DO IT OR I WILL SET YOU ON FIRE!

The Siwe Project

Nerdy Little Secrets
Infinity Blade for iOS
Santa Sangre on Netflix
21 Jump Street

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