The Super Jawncast 59 – Disclaimers

The Super Jawncast 59 – Disclaimers

Episode 59 is upon us! The guys thought Comic Con was kinda boring, except for Judge Dredd shooting holes in people’s faces (Dredd video clip after the jump), but they found plenty on Kickstarter to get excited and/or extremely angry about. Namely the Ouya Console an open source Android-based game console, and Penny Arcade’s cynical exploitation of their stupid fanbase. Seriously, fuck Penny Arcade. Plus, did you know an absurd amount of sex goes on at the Olympics? If that’s not weird enough take a look at those things up there. Those are Wenlock and Mandeville, the official Olympic mascots and the sources of a million child’s nightmares. Plus the debut of Jawn Bits!
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Nerdy Little Secrets
The videos of Bob “MovieBob” Chipman
Holo Locker

NSFW Clip from Dredd!

OMG Karl Urban’s secret Star Trek 2 footage!!!

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