The Super Jawncast 60 – The Vermont Variant

The Super Jawncast 60 – The Vermont Variant

Welcome to episode 60, the dirtiest episode of The Super Jawncast perhaps ever. In between the filth you will find a retrospective of the first year of Spotify in the USA and why skinny jeans will make your balls go gangrenous and fall off. Martin thinks people are being a little hard on Fred Willard and his unfortunate adult theater incident and he reviews the found footage movie Atrocious with Tom. Taking up the rear is a little hockey talk and then the main event, a spoilerific and extremely meandering review of The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks for listening! Check us out on all of those social networks linked over there, that would be swell.

Nerdy Little Secrets
Road to Perdition
The Legend of Grimrock
How She Move

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