The Super Jawncast 61 – TOMCATZ!!!1

The Super Jawncast 61 – TOMCATZ!!!1

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pussy La Forge

The Jawntlemen of The Super Jawncast are back and a little early to boot! The guys debut a new section on the website before launching into talk on the recent Fathom Events Star Trek TNG event and some truly dreadful, not to mention racist and idiotic sci-fi written by a stupid person. The mood is improved with a look at the charming guide to human interaction to be found in Bill’s Otakon program, more shitting on Penny Arcade and their dreadful misuse of Kickstarter and their own fanbase, and a little on the souring of fortunes for the once mighty Zynga. PLUS did you know that Soulja Boy now has Android Tablet Swag to go with all of the various other kinds of swag he possesses? Yep! A really fun show so please check us out across all of the social medias, rate and share us on iTunes and Stitcher, and thanks for listening! Make sure you tune in next week as we are excited to present special guest host De Ana Jones of Nerdgasm Noire Network which will include reviews of both Steve McQueen’s Shame and Step Up Revolution. No, really, both of those movies on one episode.

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