The Super Jawncast 62 – Crocodile Mile

The Super Jawncast 62 – Crocodile Mile

Episode 62 is upon us and the guys are joined by special guest De Ana Jones from Nerdgasm Noire Network! The crew speculate on the future of Snoop Lion and movie news floating around about Xmen First Class 2, Prometheus 2 and Neuromancer. Also there’s this billionaire who must be tired of helping homeless people and third world countries and wants to make Jurassic Park a real thing, the twat. There are more words on The Dark Knight Rises and the Dark Knight Trilogy as a whole, and reviews of Shame and, yes, STEP UP: REVOLUTION. Please check out De Ana’s podcast over at Nerdgasm Noire Network and her blog which also has links to her 800 Tumblr accounts.
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