The Super Jawncast 64 – All Jawn Everything

The Super Jawncast 64 – All Jawn Everything

2 CHAINZ! The guys are back with more stuff. There’s some video game stuff like the Neo Geo X Gold and OnLive‘s financial issues and sale to get you going. Then the sad news of Gordon Liu‘s stroke is followed by the news that Warner is bringing The Dark Knight Returns to the screen in animated form. There’s an awesome Kickstarter comic book project you should support and why you should not support that dickbag Dave Mustaine of Megadeth anymore. AND Rifftrax doing “Manos” the Hands of Fate! 2 CHAINZ and three white dorks talking about the current state of hip hop! HOLY CRAP WHATTA SHOW! Check it out!

Nerdy Little Secrets
Starship Troopers
A Virus Named TOM on Steam
The Guyver 2: Dark Hero
Here’s Martin’s livetweet of the two live action Guyver movies.


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