The Super Jawncast 66 – Invisible Bill

The Super Jawncast 66 – Invisible Bill

Tom and Martin were in the Poconos for the Labor Day weekend, Bill could not attend but guest host Geoff joins them for the show recorded ON LOCATION. They talk about Chris Pine taking over the role of Jack Ryan, the return of Wrestlefest, and Tom goes into full Beer Nerd Mode when they talk about how to brew beer just like President Obama! Steam has yet another good idea, this time they leverage their huge user community to help them pick indie games to get published on their service through Steam Greenlight. They discuss the brutally bad season finale to True Blood and a larger discussion of TV shows that outlived their welcome. Then it’s review time as Tom raves about The Last Story and Martin was one of the few people to actually go to the movies and see Premium Rush. After the last couple of weeks this is a surprisingly content-heavy episode so enjoy this brief escape from complete randomness. Interact with us thru all of those links over there on the right, thanks for listening!

Nerdy Little Secret

Day of the Shirt
Star Trek
Thank You Scientist

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