The Super Jawncast 67 – Pulley Systems

The Super Jawncast 67 – Pulley Systems

The Super Jawncast is back again with its 67th episode. The guys touch on the sad passing of Michael Clarke Duncan and some of his contributions, also touching on the sad state of news reporting where four other men’s pictures got used instead of his. The guys then review The Possession which through sheer dumb luck managed to be number one at the box office two weeks in a row despite being completely mediocre. Did you know Michael Dorn has a Kickstarter for a romantic comedy he wants to make with ex-Star Trek actors? In other news that nobody really cares about, G4 is going to be rebranded in 2013 to be more like GQ which we assume means more boobs and less video games. There’s a Fantasy Football update and then the guys review found footage/anthology horror movie V/H/S (trailer after the break) which is available now through Video on Demand and is getting a limited theatrical run in October. A packed show so check it out! Please listen, interact, share and donate!

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Binary Domain
Transformers: Prime

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