The Super Jawncast 72 – My Darling One

The Super Jawncast 72 – My Darling One

Greetings Jawnstronauts! The guys return with a special show! They are joined by Max Cerchi, b-movie director and producer known for the likes of Hellinger, Carnage Road and Holy Terror. They talk with him about the struggles of getting indie horror productions made and getting them sold and distributed. They speak on what the formula is for a successful horror film on tiny budgets (Hellinger was made for a mere $8,000) and what lengths one must go to in order to make your low budget production stand out from the crowd. They put the spotlight on the production of Hellinger (watch the intro to the movie below!) and speak on Max’s upcoming projects which you can find at My Million Dollar Movie dot com and The Dark Mountain Horror Film Fest. The guys also have some Jawnbits! A very interesting show, please share, subscribe, and let us know what you think through the links on the right of the page there.

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